Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and More

Here's the computer pic from our glorious Mother's Day skype session with Erin.  She looks terrific -- her hair is so blonde!!  She is happy and wise and focused and joyful.  It was a treasure to hear her voice and to feel her spirit.


I loved talking with yall yesterday. I called Jared and Em for like 2 minutes before we had to get going, so that was short and I felt bad but rules is rules. 

After we left, our plans fell through so we went to see if a girl we met named Jessie was home and I prayed before we got out of the car specifically that whoever we ended up talking to would be able to see and feel the spirit in our countenance. Well, we ended up talking to Jessie's mom who was kind of scared and scarred by the church that she was born into, but by the end of our conversation she was willing to learn about the restored gospel. And she said "I love when yall drop by, it kind of makes my day". Walking away Sister Jefferey was like " its because she feels the spirit" and thats when I remembered that I had prayed for that. So that was super cool. I just wished I had thought to tell her that! Next time though!

This ones going to be short cause I talked to you yesterday. 7 months till we get to do it again!

Also I realized that I forgot to say happy mothers day!

I love you!

Sister Orr

**In Erin's letter to Garret, she starts off by responding to some council he gave to her in his letter.  Since her reply doesn't make sense without his counsel, I'll add it here.

From Garret to Erin:

I'll keep it short this time since we just spoke yesterday. But I'll leave with this thought: 

Set the tone right now for how you want your life to be! In 1st Nephi 6:6, Nephi set the tone early on as he commanded his posterity and future writers of the Book of Mormon to "not occupy these plates with things which are not of worth unto the children of men". 

How grateful I am for such wisdom and insight from this great prophet. We can do the same thing right now and for the rest of our lives as we carefully choose what enters into our minds and bodies. 

Love you!

From Erin to Garret:

I love that! Sister Jeffery and I were talking about what vanity really is and how the world today sees it as caring about what you look like all the time, but really its anything worthless or empty. And that vanity is actually the perfect definition of what to steer away from in life. 

There are alot of different parts to wellness and they all effect each other. Like I fully believe that your physical health and your spiritual health rely on each other and that intellectual health will increase or decrease along with social health. It's all intertwined. That's why the theme for life is "balance, variety, and moderation." If we apply this to every aspect of our lives and prioritize the good better and best things, our all over wellness will just be dandy.

I realize my thoughts written out are a little jumbly, so maybe if you focus on each sentence individually instead of as a whole, it will make more sense:)

Love You!

Sister Orr 

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