Monday, May 18, 2015

6 Months!! = 1/3 = :) AND pictures!!

Erin is celebrating 6 months on her mission by sending pictures...
from the MTC! :)

MTC District and teachers - last time together

Hallway pic - always precious

MTC Companion - Sister Parsons


Elders Ostler and Stanley - posing in the classroom 
while I figured out how to use my camera

Sisters McLehaney and Dicent - MTC Roomates

Hey Mamma!

That was an awesome letter. So much fun stuff! Definitely go see Erica's farewell! That will be so fun! And take pictures! ... not that i am one to speak about that, but you will be getting some today! :)

I am so excited the girls get to go to Texas! They will have so much fun except probably they are not going to be excited to come back. 

I am so happy to hear that Addey is still the coolest ever. (Erin's talking about Addey going to the Payson temple dedication) I love that girl. It makes me so happy to see her so in-tune with the spirit. That's the actual goal in life. "Men are that they might have joy." and the spirit is the key!

We found a FAMILY! We started teaching a family this week. Well mostly -- the mom, Sarah, and the 16 year old daughter, Jessie.  The dad, Chad is pretty skeptical of mormons. He said he has grown up with them and knows about all the weird stuff. He asked about a few of those in our first lesson, but i think we did a really good job of explaining as simply as possible.  We were worried that all his questions might distract Sarah but she was so chill!  She was all "yeah honey! we're only married till i die!" when we were talking about eternal marriage and such. So that was quite cool. She is excited to have us back. 

We taught the 16 year old separately since they have really different schedules and she soaked it up too and is just SO eager to do what God wants her to do. I love them.  They also have a little son, but he is two so he cant really be an investigator, but he likes us a lot!

We have been hunting down less active YSA's this week and we found a guy named Aaron who invited us back. We planned to only meet with him but when we sat down, his dad and brother showed up to listen too! His dad is not a member. so that was cool, except his dad kept talking about the rules of dating and attraction and stuff on our missions and he kept telling his son not to let us go, and that we were a lot better looking than the elders. Aaron was sufficiently embarrassed but it was still a really spiritual lesson!

Have a great week! And I'm pretty sure chum is dead fish. Sooo.. that's awkward.


Sister Orr

Olo Dad!

i was just thinking today about when you picked me up at school and we went to Big Judds and Brian Regan. That was so fun. There needs to be a daddy-daughter date program initiated for missionaries.

I mentioned to el companion this week about how you and mom dated for like 5 weeks before getting engaged and she asked how y'all knew and I realized I don't know that answer. So this is me asking how you knew you wanted to be with mom for-actual-ever.

I told mom that I would send pictures and pictures are worth 1000 words that I dont have to type, so I'm going to go do that. 

Have fun on your business trip! I don't remember where you are but have a delightsome time wherever you are!


Sister Orr

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