Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey Mamma!

I get to see you in a week! Your actual face!  To be honest I'm not 100% sure how its all going to work out. I'm pretty positive it will be after church which is 1- 4 my time. I guess I'll just have people call you when I learn more. Sorry!

I LOVE this area and the people and the weather and service and being a missionary in general. It's such a good thing. I got to pull weeds in the rain for a few hours for an 80 year old lady named Betty Jane Johnson. She was SO cute and had us come inside halfway through for some herbal tea and then gave us like 90 teabags. Does this happen to every missionary? Because i feel like every old lady just gives me tons of stuff. Specifically tons of herbal tea.

That was the only day it rained this week. The rest have been high 60s and beautiful! In maple valley I have such a good view of the mountain all the time. It's so. dang. gorgeous!  I think when I grow up I will live in Texas and have a summer home on a lake in Washington. 

Also this week, I don't remember if I told you about Lexi and Shayla, but they are these two sisters. They are 11 and 13, and have gotten involved in the YW program and we are teaching them and I LOVE them. They wanted to see the baptismal font but we don't have the key so we told them they could see it IF they came to an 8 year olds baptism on Saturday. And they DID. And they were so excited about it and they really felt the spirit. It was so awesome. Those girls are going to make it! Also they are going to girls camp this summer!

Then on Saturday we had dinner with my favorite member couple, the Wilsons. They are so sweet and cool. She cooked like all day for us and the food was so good. SOOO GOOOD! Except she made halibut, which I found out I HATE but they were really excited about it so I ate it and I'm pretty sure that I didn't look like I hated it so that was a miracle!

Then yesterday in church they did this thing in young women's where they had a panel of ladies that consisted of a stay at home mom, a career lady, college girls, and missionaries sit up in front and the girls asked questions. Me and Sister Jeffery were the missionaries and the college girls so that was fun!  The girls had written down questions at the Wednesday night activity before. It was so fun to be in young women's again. That's definitely still where I feel like I belong!

Welp I LOOOVE you!!

6 days!

LOVE sister Orr:)

Happy Monday Dad!

Guess what? I shot a basket the other day! We talked to a few black guys on the street playing basketball and they weren't interested in the gospel but they let me shoot a basket:)

This week we did more contacting and the coolest thing ever happened. We talked to this lady on the street and she was like "I found one of your books today" and she pulled out an old, very torn up Book of Mormon. And she had been reading it AND she loved it! It was awesome. She had been praying for guidance and she was having a really hard time and she totally recognized that us talking to her was an answer to her prayer. She was meeting her boyfriend at the casino up the road so we walked with her there which involved walking on the side of the high way which was super loud but we taught the whole plan of salvation and she ate it up so it all worked out.  She doesn't have a phone or a house so we set up a time to meet with her at the church next week. Hope she comes! Her name is Latisha. And she is white.

Also we had an awesome lesson with Michelle this week about the need for a savior and afterwards she had us walk up a trail to the back of her property and breathe in nature while she read us a poem. She's kind of a hippy but it was nice:)

Also Wayne and Lisa are progressing INSANELY slowly. They are progressing though, but they could for sure use some prayers for their faith.

LOVE YOU! SEE you in a week!

Lurve, Sister Orr

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