Thursday, October 1, 2015

The work rolls on in Rock Creek

Hey mom!

I don't have much time to write cause I accidentally used up a ton of time watching the all the addiction recovery videos in mormonchannel. Those things are seriously good! 

So transfers are this week and I am staying in Rock Creek! woot woot! Sister Baxter, on the other hand, is being transferred :( I'm about to have my 6th companion in 5 transfers in the same area!  I think my new companion is Sister Stewart, who I'm pretty sure is Sister Frischknechts companion right now. So that will be fun. I don't really know her at all yet.

I LOVED the Women's General Meeting! I thought there was a big focus in understanding our divine nature! Other people I have talked to saw a different main theme which I think is so cool! The Spirit knows what we need to hear! And I am so excited for conference! Our bishop in the YSA ward does a watching conference/eating party at his house for the Sunday sessions so we are trying to get investigators to that!

I saw the lunar eclipse! I was hoping we were both looking at it at the same time! #othersideofheavenflashback

So we have been talking to this family we keep seeing outside and I just love them! I haven't really met the dad. but its a couple and a 14 year old boy, Kelly. and two girls: Tori, who is 10 and Emily who is 7. The girls love us so much! Kelly was teling me that he is trying to find a new scout troop, since he moved and I told him about ours for our ward and he said he would look into it... then at school he became friends with a kid in our ward who invited him to come! And he did and he loves it! He went on a bike ride/campout this past weekend. We heard from our inside sources that we was really quiet the first day but the next day he opened up a lot and had a lot of fun! We haven't taught the family yet but we are hoping with all of the friends and connections this family is making with our ward, their hearts will be soft when the invitation comes from a member to take the lessons:)

Also, super sad news. We were supposed to have a lesson with Cameron this week but apparently his families opposition towards him taking lessons and joining the church and stuff has become a lot more vocal, and he decided to stop taking the lessons. He was really frustrated about it and it made me so sad, but at the same time his frustration showed me where his heart is and that he has the desire to do what is right. He said he will keep reading from the Book of Mormon and reviewing the pamphlets. Luckily I had felt prompted to bring the book "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard. He said he would read that too.  So anyways that was not fun! He will be in my prayers for a while!

We met this guy named Brandon the other day who is married with two daughters. We kept setting appointments and then things fell through and that happened a few times until Sunday night we were finally able to meet with him and his daughters. We brought a BOMB member who lives down the street too. We taught him about the restoration and he received it SO well! He said the closing prayer and it was VERY sincere. He wants to do what God wants him to do and whats best for his family. Brother Dyal invited him and his family to come over for general conference Sunday morning:) That will be so great!

Love you so so much! 

Have a great week! 

LOVE Sister Erin Orr :)

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