Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Miracles and Baptisms!!

Hey MOM:)

Kaylynn is still on date for Saturday! For a couple days she wasn't responding to us which was kind of scary considering she was supposed to be baptized in August and then right before that, she freaked out and went AWOL and that is what leads to her now being baptized in October. Anyways so we have been trying to have some kind of contact with her everyday to avoid that kind of thing happening again. So we were scared after not hearing back from her for a few days. Apparently her phone wasn't letting her answer calls and such. We got back in touch last night so that was an answer to many peoples prayers! She is being interviewed by our district leader tonight! Yay!

I found out an incredible thing this week. You can make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with only: a can of pumpkin, boxed spice cake mix, and chocolate chips. so that changes the world. I tried them. They are almost just as delicious as the other ones we make. 

Some more miracles are happening! Heavenly Father is DROPPING prepared people into our laps!! One kid named G. texted us and told us that he is not active but he wants to stop smoking weed everyday and get on a mission! We have been in constant contact with him since! He has seriously one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen! You can feel it so strongly around him. He got a blessing yesterday to help him quit smoking! He has smoked weed pretty much all day everyday since he was 14! And now he is 24. He hates how much it controls him and is excited to be free. He has relied so much on the Lord to get him where he is now and I am so excited for him to be a missionary!

He also had a guy call us and ask if he could come to church! I guess he works at Walmart and met a swarm of Elders on a p-day and thought he would check church out. Way cool! We met with him the night before and he came to church for the first 2 meetings!. We think he is developmentally delayed. Bishop said by watching him, he looks to mentally be about 12. I haven't really had experience teaching people like that, I don't really know what differences it will make at all in teaching. So if you have any tips, I would highly appreciate it. 

Leslie came to church again and so did Daniel! They both like it a lot and people are so great and welcoming!

So fun you got to talk to Chrissy!  Did I tell you my korean companion, Sister Lee's best friend from back home, trained Kenzie. I may have said that in a confusing way. So sorry! But I thought that was way cool!

Have you heard of Jamberry? It's a Mary Kay type of thing but for nail polish sticker things. Anyways we went to an old lady, Betty Jane's house to help her set up to have a "party" for one of her friends who is selling them. No one was arriving except the lady doing the selling, so we stayed for a little while. And eventually one other old lady showed up. And we asked her if she was going to get her nails done. And she said "No. I don't do my nails, I'm just here to support Betty." hah. Betty Jane didn't want to get her nails done either. So I think that party was a bust. It was kind of funny.

Mom, Maple Valley goes so hard for Halloween! Decorations are insane!  I have never seen them like this. One guys yard looks like full on Disneyland!  I will send pictures!

I'm glad your color flow class went good! I never actually tried that! You should teach it again when I'm home!

Please tell Addey and Bob to write or email me.  I haven't heard from them in forever!

lOvE yOu So MuCh!

Sister Erin Orr

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