Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Goodbye Maple Valley, Hello Federal Way


So I was indeed right! I am being transferred to Federal Way:) My companion will be Sister Westover. Who I know I know but I'm not 100% sure who she is right now! Hah! I'm super sad to leave Maple Valley! I love this place! But I am also excited for the change! This will be one of the few times of my mission thus far that I will be in only one ward and not in YSA. So that will be new.

Hermana Peacock flew home yesterday so her companion is hanging out with us till transfers. Did I mention she sent me a pic of you and Sister Hotter last week? hah! That was fun! So you should be looking out for her! Anyways while her companion, Hermana Jorgenson was at our house this morning and she took a FALL on the indo board! So we were on the floor die-laughing for quite a while. It was SO funny! 

It's getting crazy dark now so we can't really just stop in places at like 8pm cause people don't like that. So when we don't have somewhere to go we have been calling the contacts in the phone who we don't know. And we found some BOMB potentials! People totally interested in learning! We need to expand our teaching pool and this was a great week for that!

Andrew brought his mom to church this week. She is not super interested but she likes the church and is grateful that Andrew chose a good one! :)

We were about to give up on Maggie cause she never answers her phone and she is never home and such. BUT we had some extra time while we were down in Auburn so we decided to give it one last shot and she was home! And told us she still wants to learn! Yay! She is way cool and I think she will let the gospel change her! I'm so excited to hear about that!

Daniel cam to a baptism with us this week. He LOVED it. My favorite part was watching him at the end walk up to the person who had been baptized and ask him how it felt and how he feels now. It showed his sincerity. I was grateful for that moment. It helped me see Daniel though Heavenly Father's eyes a little better. He loves to talk and tells a lot of stories and has a lot of obscure ideas, so it can be frustrating to teach him sometimes. But that was a simple moment that showed that he is growing in his understanding and faith.

One funny thing this week was some members took us to Panera and it was way good! But there is a sign on the table that says you can literally just sit down, get on the Panera website on your phone, order what you want, and people will bring it to your table. What the even heck! How much less human interaction can you get? People are crazy.

I LOVE ya!

Sister Erin Orr

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