Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yay! Her first letter!!

Hello my family! 
Today is a great day:):):) 
The MTC has been so amazing. Like super. I love it so much!! 
I don't know if you've got my first letter (she sent a short hand-written note the day after she arrived) but my Pday is normally on 
Thursday but this week we have a thanksgiving program and won't have time. so i get a quick one this morning. I love my district and my 
roommates so much. They are so great. They are like all from Utah. 
So... That's great. The spirit is so strong here and we are so busy. 
Seriously- minute to minute schedule. And then they give us like a 
thousand things to do in our "free time"? Like What is free time? What 
the even heck. But other than that me and my companion and two elders in my district are all going to federal way and my roommates are all going to temple square. I found out that we were supposed to come in the week of thanksgiving but they had us come in a week early and leave when we normally would. So that's why we're here for 3 weeks. But I'm kind of glad cause we can go more intodepth on all the righteousness.  plus also WE GET IPADS:)  What what! But I don't know how to get my pictures from my camera onto this thing so l'll figure it out later today hopefully and send that over to ya. 
And I love getting your letters everyday and I LOVE those pictures of 
addey. She's so cute. I'm glad she had a good birthday!! Tell her I 
sang happy birthday to her in my prayers:) 
Love you so much 
 A A Ron (the name is a joke we have)

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