Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Erin's letters this week

Hello Mamma Dear:)

Yeah, sorry it took so long to get to the library! We had choir practice this morning and then went to the mall in auburn for a bit and then grocery shopped and then came here. It was so weird going to the mall. I haven't been in one of those things in 8 months! And I've been pretty dang removed from the world since then. It was weird and super fun! Also the only thing I bought grocery shopping this week was celery. I love that stuff!

Melain Blue fixed my hair and its SO short now. She felt so bad about Sister Jeffrey's haircut on my hair. she just kept whispering "sorry"  the shorter and shorter she had to make it. I look like Dora! Just kidding - its not that bad but I wanted long hair so bad. I'm gonna have to start taking some prenatal vitamins or something. 

My friend Makayla told me that her mission president said that sister missionaries have the biggest impact on "potential elders" than on any other group of people and we have totally seen that to be true! Since we are in the YSA we get to work with a lot of mission-age less-active members and we are working with 2 guys Aaron and Kyle that are working towards being active and mission ready! We are having Aaron study from Preach My Gospel and teach us what he learns! it is awesome! He asks about mission life a lot and he is so excited for his own personal growth and the growth of those around him. He is also planning on getting his patriarchal blessing soon!

With Kyle, he has already made up his mind to serve a mission and is taking steps to get Sundays off so he can come to church and he ordered a Preach My Gospel. He's just doing great. We went over to meet with him this week, but he accidentally scheduled us at the same time he was working. His mom though, who is less active, was home and invited us in and we shared a message. Our conversation somehow lead to the temple and she told us that she hadn't been through yet but she had always wanted to. We encouraged her to go and promised her so many blessings and set goals with her! It was a really awesome lesson! I wish we were actually in her ward. Her ward is covered by elders but she LOVES sister missionaries. I'm glad she has a YSA age son so we can still meet there and follow up on her goals! I'm so excited for her!

Sister Dolan has been a sicky for a few days this week so pray for her health! I sure am:) She is so great! We have gotten along so well from the beginning! 

I will also pray for your hoarse voice and your eardrum and the right side of your face:) 

I love the thought of giving our name to Christ during our mission. I have learned so much out here. and I have SO much still to learn!

I love you so much! Thanks for everything you do! 

LOVE, Sister Erin Orr

Hey Dad!

Eric will be glad to know his missionary work is inspiring kids across the nation! He is so cute!

Sister Dolan is more willing than able to run with me:) She has not been feeling well at all this week. We ran once but I have been working out still! We think we are going to get a membership at our little apartment complex gym, so even if she can't run, I can at least do the treadmill. She loves the work and we are so excited to work hard together and baptize people! We did a lot of street contacting this week and found 14 new potential investigators!

A couple of them are really really bomb! One guy named Jeremy is so excited to learn. He was just enthralled as we told him about Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove. We are meeting with him Friday and there is a couple in our ward that live right across the street from him who have been praying for missionary opportunities and they are so cool and they want us to teach him at their house so that will be awesome!

Also! We found a family! The Bruce's are the cutest people and I love them. The guy was actually an NFL player. Do you know of an Mkristo Bruce? I hadn't heard of him but their family is crazy fit! The lady, Evelyn, is a personal trainer and has a gym in her garage! She said like, everyone she trains is mormon and she loves learning and is super interested!

Super exciting! Miracles are happing all the time!

LOVE Sister Erin Orr

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